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A laser being fired and rebounding.

When carrying the Laser superflag, a tank will not shoot regular bullets, but instead a very long beam. Any tanks that come into contact with this beam will be destroyed, so it is useful for killing multiple tanks in one shot. The beam usually does not last for very long.

The Laser superflag can be used in many different ways. Lasers can be:

  • Rebounded off many surfaces. If ricochet is enabled, a laser can ricochet off many surfaces to create a very complex beam. This can be very powerful and kill many tanks, as the more the laser ricochets, the more likely a tank will fall in it's path. However, if these kinds of attacks aren't planned very well, the laser could end up hitting a teammate or even the tank that fired it!
  • Fired through a teleporter to catch unsuspecting players.
  • Used to "snipe". Using the binocular view (B on keyboard) and targeting unsuspecting players with laser is a powerful way to snipe.
  • As a camping tool! Sitting in one spot and waiting for players to drive right where the laser will hit is possibly the most popular camping technique on BZFlag.

Players with the Cloaking superflag are unaffected by lasers! Many Cloaking flags are often added by map makers into a certain area to prevent camping with lasers in the area. Grabbing a Cloaking flag before driving through an area vulnerable to laser attacks is also a wise idea.