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LinkMaterial allows you to set the texture of the teleporter window to anything you would like it to be.


valid parameters for a LinkMaterial are:

name LinkMaterial
texture set the texture (must be .png but don't include the extension unless on the Internet)
addtexture add a texture (again, no extension is needed)
notextures don't use textures.
notexcolor don't apply the color to the texture
notexalpha don't use the texture's alpha channel
texmat specify a texture matrix. -1 for no texture matrix. (addtexture must be used before texmat)
dyncol specify a dynamic color. -1 for no dynamic color.
ambient ambient color
diffuse diffuse (main)color
color synonym for diffuse
specular specular color
emission emission color
shininess shiny!
resetmat restore default values


#The Generic Teleporter Material
  name Linkdyncol
  red limits 0 0.25
  red sinusoid 2 0 1
  green limits 0 0.25
  green sinusoid 2 0.666667 1
  blue limits 0 0.25
  blue sinusoid 2 1.33333 1
  alpha limits 0.75 0.75
  name Linktexmat
  shift 0 -0.05 
  name LinkMaterial
  dyncol Linkdyncol
  diffuse 0 0 0 0.5
  addtexture telelink
  texmat Linktexmat


Nolighting is almost always a preferred option in a LinkMaterial.