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List Server Usage Policy

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The list server usage policy describes the intended use of the BZFlag List Server service that is provided by the project administration. It also describes the acceptable behavior for the users of the system.


The BZFlag List Server provides listing services along with other game-related functionality to the BZFlag players and server owners at no charge. Use of the list server, however, is provided under stipulations of what is fair and reasonable for being non-disruptive to the game and our community. The primary goal of the list server is to support the community and the game project by providing a list of games for players to use. Abuses of the list server that do not promote this same goal will not be tolerated.

For players the list server provides a list of compatible internet games, public service messages, and an account verification system that can tie a player to their BZFlag discussion forum account ( also known as their 'Global Login' and their BZBB account ). All interactions with the list server are potentially logged or monitored. All information sent to the list server is kept confidential and is only used by the project staff for administration and development purposes.

Players who are disruptive or fraudulent to any of BZFlag's public services including (but not limited to) project and league services, multiple servers, or large groups of individuals may be denied access to the public list servers at any time, and at the sole discretion of the BZFlag list server administrators. Players who have been known to cheat or abuse the game on multiple public servers may also be denied access. Similarly, anyone engaging in denial-of-service attacks or are otherwise detrimentally impacting the public services may have their access blocked.

For server owners, the list server provides public listing of any number of BZFlag game server (BZFS) instances, as well as token and permission group verification for global login services. No player personal information is sent from the list server to the game servers other than the player's callsign and their global login status.

Server owners who run servers that are cheat servers ( publicly advertised or not ), use disruptive server modifications, use "bot" clients to artificially inflate their list position, or have disruptive or slanderous names or descriptions may be removed from the list and/or have access to other BZFlag public services revoked.

The project itself does not have anything to do with exactly how specific servers are run or administered.

It is important to understand that usage of public services is provided to the community at the project's sole discretion. Neither the data contained in it, nor the service of hosting it is in any way "open source" and no user has any inherent "right" to use any of the public services. The project administrators provide these services for the betterment of the community and abuse will not be tolerated.

The project reserves the right to allow or disallow access to any public or project service to any user at any time without notice and without reason.


The BZFlag project runs a Global Registration system for our users. This allows a player to register a name and securely authenticate to BZFlag servers, our forum, and other services run by the project. We also have an interface (called weblogin) that allows 3rd party websites to tie into our authentication system. We require that you provide a specially formatted link on your site that will take the user to our weblogin page. You should not accept their Global Registration username and password directly from your site. Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to suspension of service.

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