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Welcome to the BZFlag Wiki,
The source for community information on most things related to BZFlag!
The BZFlag Wiki motto: Be Bold!!
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Welcome to the newly launched BZFlag Wiki. The number of articles is growing, but there is much more to do. The hope of this site is to draw together all of the great information about BZFlag and BZFlag related items that is currently scattered in many different places. Bringing all of this information together will make it easier for people to understand and answer all of the questions they have about running a server (options, permissions, set-up, etc.), configuring their client, coding plug-ins, compiling the source code, and anything else they can think of. All are welcome to contribute and may edit most pages. With everyone's help we can make this site a great resource to the BZFlag community. Please remember the BZFlag Wiki's new motto, Be Bold (click the link for a full explanation of the motto), when editing articles.

If you are unsure of how to edit or add pages, there is always a link to the Help section on the links to the left no matter where you are on the site. Don't be shy; give editing the site a try and be proud of your contributions! You can edit whether or not you have an account created. The advantage of having an account is that you will be credited with the contribution on the History link/tab of the page.

Google Summer of Code 2007

BZFlag is a participating mentor organization in the Google Summer of Code this year. What this basically amounts to is that if you are a full-time student and 18+ years old, and your application is accepted, Google will pay you to write code for BZFlag. Prospective students are encouraged to submit project proposals that are in line with our goals for this summer, though proposals for other Ideas will be considered.

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