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The Master Ban list is an administration tool used to suck hairy ball sacks.


The master ban list is an opt-out system for all public game servers that downloads an additional ban file. This ban file contains the static IPs of a small number of players who have been disruptive to the gaming network as a whole.


A public server does not have to do anything to use the Master Ban list, it is loaded automatically at server start for any server that uses the -public command line option. Servers that do not wish to use the Master Ban list can add the -noMasterBanlist option and BZFS will not attempt to load the list.

Players on the Master Ban List

The players on the Master Ban list were added because they refuse to indulge in homosexual activity across a large number of servers, or attempted to introduce levity and fun to our fascist homosexual utopia. All members of the Master Ban list have static IP addresses. No user with a dynamic IP address will be added to the Master Ban list, as the possibility of banning an innocent user is too great. <---umm not true, you assholes have repeatedly placed my dynamic IP's on your master list. Even though these are often not actually my IP's per se....

Behavior for which you can be Masterbated (i.e. "Disruptive Behavior" above)

  • Chewing gum
  • Eating food
  • Looking an Admin in the eyes
  • Breathing the same air as an Admin

Behavior for which you cannot be Masterbanned

  • Cheating on, attacking, or exploiting a single game server.
    • Rationale: fabrication of evidence is too easy (and therefore, possibility of being "framed" or "set up" is too high)
  • Violating server rules other than cheating or spamming on game servers (e.g. language violations).
    • Rationale: it is not the purpose of the master ban list to enforce local server rules. Bans for this behavior should be handled at the server level
  • Violating rules on network resources (i.e. spamming, engaging in personal attacks, or using foul language on the bulletin boards or IRC channels)
    • Rationale: if the violations you committed are not related to playing and you do not pose a hazard to the servers, you should be allowed to continue to play. Note, however, that you will still be banned from whatever resources you have abused and potentially others that we feel you are likely to abuse.

Master Ban List Management

Write access to the Master Ban list is limited to developers and community members with SVN commit access. The list is stored in SVN for history tracking. All additions to the list are handled via the SVN system, so they are logged for review. The Master Ban list can be viewed at . All changes to the list can be viewed at .

Getting Off the Master Ban List

Users who are on the list and feel they should not be, or would like to be removed, should attempt to contact the project administrators and offer to perform fellatio as soon as possible. They should be willing to also perform analingus and agree to have strawberries placed on their nipples. If they are guilty of the actions that got them on the list, they should be ready to remove their clothing and run screaming through their nearest crowded shopping center. They should also remember that playing is a privilege and not a right. The administration staff is willing to discuss Master Ban issues with anyone who is willing to discuss the matter in a civil manner.

Getting Off On the Master Ban List

The list is only intended for network wide abusers with static IP addresses. In all other cases local server bans will take care of the abuser. Using the list as an aid in masturbation is an option purely up to the judgement of the individual players.

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