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The meshbox is the 2.0 update to the original box object in BZFlag 1.0. The main difference between the box and the Meshbox is that the meshbox supports new features in BZFlag 2.0, such as physics drivers and textures.


A very basic meshbox will include:

 position 0 0 0  # x-pos, y-pos, height
 rotation 0  # rotation in degrees
 size 10 10 10  # x-len, y-len, height

As with the box object, position defines where the meshbox should be located. Rotation defines the angle it should be rotated to (about the Z-axis), and size defines how big or small the object should be. Now, if you're looking for something a little fancier, you can try code similar to this:

 position 0 0 0
 rotation 0
 size 10 10 10
 outside matref my_cool_wall
 top matref my_cool_roof
 phydrv example_physics

So what's the difference here? Well, this object will be treated as an obstacle. The outside walls (as opposed to inside, top, or bottom) will appear with the "my_cool_wall" material, and the roof (top) will have "my_cool_roof." Of course, if you want a material on all sides of the object, you can simply omit the "top" specification at the start of the line, and simply have: "matref my_cool_material." Also, you can specify a physics driver to the object, to influence tank behavior a bit.


By default, a meshbox will have red brick walls, and a grey stone roof. However, if a material is specified by the map creator, the appearance depends on the designer's choosing.


The meshbox was added to BZFlag in version 2.0.0.

Editor Support

The meshbox IS supported by iBZEdit, pyBZEdit, Blender with the BZWTools plugin, and the BZW Export Tool for Wings3D. The meshbox is NOT supported by BZEdit or BZFEdit.