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Valid parameters for the Meshpyr object are:
Valid parameters for the Meshpyr object are:
;name: name
position=positon on map
;position: positon on map
rotation=rotate on z axis
;rotation: rotate on z axis
size=size amount
;size: size amount
matref=apply a material/texture here
;matref: apply a material/texture here
phydrv=assign a physics driver
;phydrv: assign a physics driver
==Editor Support==
==Editor Support==

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Several meshpyr, with the one in the middle having the default texture

A meshpyr is a BZW map object that constructs a specialized mesh that has the geometric appearance of a Pyramid. It replaces the pyramid object as of v2.0.0 and is compatible with materials and physics drivers.


An meshpyr without a material definition will use the default material used by a standard pyramid object. Geometrically a meshpyr is identical to a standard pyramid object.

 name example 1
 position 0.0 0.0 0.0
 size 15 15 15 
 rotation 0.0
 matref Mymaterial
 phydrv MyPhydrv

Valid parameters for the Meshpyr object are:

positon on map
rotate on z axis
size amount
apply a material/texture here
assign a physics driver

Editor Support

The meshpyr object is only fully supported by the BZWTools blender plug-in.