Missile War 2.3

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Missile War 2.3 is a 2-team CTF map by Ducatiwannabe. It first appeared approximately in the end of 2007 and is one of the most popular maps as of early 2010.

Missile War 2.3 Screenshot

The bases are situated at 2 opposite corners of the map. The center tower has a Genocide flag on it, the only Genocide flag on the map. There are also Guided Missile flags and Laser flags, which make sniping useful. There are also 2 buildings in the opposite corners from the bases, which contain Shockwave and Stealth flags and launch pads that you can drive on to launch to the other team's base. There are also Oscillation Overthruster flags under the center tower, Wings flags (useful for getting the Genocide flag in the center), and Superbullet flags in the corners of each base. There are a variety of flags in the open field between bases, such as Narrow and Seer. There are also two floating towers in each base to snipe players trying to get to the Genocide flag.

Some recent editions to the map include adding Cloak flags on each base to prevent spawn killing, adding a Bouncy flag on the Genocide tower, and adding Thief flags.