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Modeltool can now convert .obj files to bzflag drawinfo. It can be downloaded with the source code through SVN, and it is found in the bzflag/tools/ directory.

Modeltool Arguments

-g <name>       : use group definition
 -tx <dir>       : set texture prefix
 -m	         : disable materials (matref)
 -sm	         : use the smoothbounce property
 -yz	         : flip y and z coordinates
 -n	         : disable normals
 -t	         : disable texture coordinates
 -a	         : disable ambient coloring
 -d	         : disable diffuse coloring
 -s              : disable specular coloring
 -s              : disable shininess
 -sf <val>       : shine multiplier
 -e              : disable emission coloring
 -gx <val>       : scale the model by this factor
 -gsx <val>      : shift the map by this value in X
 -gsy <val>      : shift the map by this value in Y
 -gsz <val>      : shift the map by this value in Z
 -bspskip <val>  : skip faces with this material when importing a bsp

DIconf Arguments

-angvel <val>      : Apply angular motion to the drawinfo. In radians per second.
 -nomats               : do not write materials.
 -bounds               : compute the bounds and sphere for draw info meshes and write them to the map
 -bounding           : generates invisible faces (and a material) to be used  for collision detection
 -comments          : add comments to the resulting bzw file (will make it a lot larger
 -striplimit <val> : the longest triangle strip to use for LODs  (16 recommended)