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The Nagware plug-in sends a message to unregistered players every x minutes and optionally kicks them after y minutes. The plugin can be configured via a config file. The server owner can define what messages are sent and the duration between the messages. This plugin was made by menotume for the SilverCat server. This plugin was created to help increase player authentication and therefore reduce player and server abuse.

Sample Configuration File

The plugin is customizable with a plain-text configuration file. A sample that is distributed with the source code can be found below:

# Sample configuration file for the nagware plugin.

# permission tag to use to grant "/nag" command permissions
# defaults to "NAG" if not specified.
permname = say 

# Apply logic to observers ?  (yes/no)
# default is no
kickobs = yes

# minplayers: There must be this many players before anybody is
#    kicked, but the warnings will still happen.
# default is 1
minplayers  = 2

# Include observers in minplayer count ?  (yes/no)
# default is yes
countobs = yes

# messagesuffix: Message to be added to the end of all other defined messages.
messagesuffix = \nRegister at and use your login in the bzflag connect screen. 

# Message: Messages to be sent to players at specified times.
#   Format is:  TIME,[REPEAT] MESSAGE
#       *) Time and repeat are in minutes, whole numbers only (0 is allowed)
#       *) If repeat is specified, the message will be repeated every [REPEAT] minutes until the next
#          message is applied (if any), or the player is kicked.
message = 1 This server requires global registration.
message = 2 Dieser Server erfordert globale Registrierung.\nCe serveur exige l'enregistrement global\nEste camarero requiere matrícula global
message = 3,1 You will be kicked from this server shortly, please register and come back!
message = 6,2 You are now marked to be kicked randomly. 

# Same format as above, except 'repeat' is not used.
# If not defined, no players will be kicked.
kickmessage = 7 You have been kicked because you are not registered. 

Plugin Setup

Load the plugin in bzfs with the following configuration option:

-loadplugin <path to plugin>,<path to config>

For example (on linux):

-loadplugin /home/bzfs/lib/,/home/bzfs/configs/nagware.cfg

If there is an error in the configuration file, the plugin will not load. See the output of bzfs (or the log file) for details.

Plugin Commands

The following commands are available for privileged players (see the sample config file for how to set the permission name):

/nag on: Enables the plugin for sending messages and kicking players. The plugin is enabled by default.

/nag off: Stops the plugin from sending messages and kicking players. Reenable with '/nag on'. NOTE that the plugin is automatically disabled during a match.

/nag config: Display the current configuration options.

/nag reload: Reload the configuration file. Any config file errors will be shown.

/nag list: Show all unverified players, and how long they have been connected.