Observer Mode

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The observer mode can be used to watch other players or team flags.


The default controls for observer mode are as follows:

Control Binding Action
L Display a label just under each tank listing their name.
Arrow Keys Navigates the camera around with tank-driving style controls.
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Pans and tilts the camera without moving the position.
Shift+Arrow Keys Moves the camera position up and down vertically, and left and right horizontally.
Alt+Arrow Keys
F8 Cycles through various observer modes: roaming, driving with a tank, following a tank, tracking a tank, and tracking a team flag.
F6/F7 Previous/Next target in the current display mode. Does not have any effect in the roaming mode.
A Toggles momentum on the camera movement.

/roampos Command

There is an extra command for use in roaming mode that enables you to define the camera position and rotation.