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Selecting the observer mode


The observer mode can be used to watch other players or team flags. It can also be used to freely roam around the map.


The default controls for observer mode are as follows:

Control Binding Action
L Display a label just under each tank listing their name.
Arrow Keys Navigates the camera around with tank-driving style controls.
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Pans and tilts the camera without moving the position.
Shift+Arrow Keys Moves the camera position up and down vertically, and left and right horizontally.
Alt+Arrow Keys Strafe side to side.
F6/F7 Previous/Next target in the current display mode. Does not have any effect in the roaming mode.
F8 Cycles through various observer modes: roaming, driving with a tank, following a tank, tracking a tank, and tracking a team flag.
F9/F10 Sets narrow/wide viewing angle, allows you to see more or less of the field
F11 Resets viewing angle to default
A Toggles momentum on the camera movement.

/roampos Command

This is an extra command for use in roaming mode that enables you to define the camera position and rotation.
/roampos ["reset" | degrees | {x y z [theta [phi [ zoom ]]] } | "send"]

/forceradar Command

The /forceradar command was added in v2.0.16. It allows observers to see the radar on "no-radar" worlds.

Mouse Controls

Mouse observer controls were added in v2.0.16. By using various combinations of the left/middle/right mouse buttons, you can change the location and orientation of your viewpoint. You can also change the observer mode and target using the mouse wheel.

Extended Observer Info

The 'Extended Observer Info' option found in Options->GUI Settings was added in v2.0.16. It allows the observing player to get more detailed information about the player they are currently following or tracking. Player tank speeds show up by their names on the scoreboard while some more detailed stats show up in the upper right corner. In addition, tank speeds also appear below player names if Tank Labels are enabled.