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An options object is a BZW map structure that defines various options for a server to use when running a map. These options are the same command line options that are passed to the BZFS at start up.


The code for an options object is as follows:

 -set _tankSpeed 36
 -j +r -ms 3
 +f GM{5} +f SW{5}

Valid parameters for an options object are nearly any command line option that is valid for the version of BZFS. Some security sensitive options, such as -password and -groupdb are ignored in the Options object. -set can be used to set the value of any BZDB Server Variables desired.

The options object can only be specified once in a map.


The options object was added in v2.0.0.

Editor Support[edit]

The options object is only fully supported by the BZWTools blender plug-in.