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Packetloss is a networking phenomenon where data packets do not reach their destination. I.E in BZFlag, your game clients packets fail to reach the server and other clients by a percentage. It is caused by various factors that may or may not be within your control.

Factors That cause packetloss

-Cellular or Satellite Data Connections (Due to the nature of the technology you will always have some packetloss) -Poor Wifi Connection -Too lengthy Ethernet runs (over 100 meters) -Internet Service Provider issues (Overloaded central office, DOS attacks) -Bad networking drivers -Other anomalies -Distance from server


Most packet-loss problems in relation to BZFlag are caused by using Wifi. An easy fix is to use a hardwired Ethernet connection to your network. Distance from server can be a factor-if you have no packetloss elsewhere do not panic.