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The 'Passion' map (previously known as ''), was popularized by the group PlanetMoFo, namely it's founder Darth Vader (aka I_Died_Once). It is so called because when displayed on the list server, it is usually titled as "Planet MoFo: The Passion Of The <game mode>". It has undergone constant modification and change since it's introduction, though every incarnation of the map has been of the same general format:

  • A three tiered central "cake" with crosses on the top, and tunnels running through the middle.
  • Outer boxes at the corners and in the middle of the sides. The corner boxes can be substituted for bases and have flat pyramids above them.
  • Two smaller pyramids in each quarter of the map.
  • Teleporters on the outer boxes. Which outer boxes have teleporters depends on the game mode.

Map History

Early map

The map is know to be originally "" designed by Ducatiwannabe. This looks somewhat different from the current map, though the basic features are still recognizable.

"Classic" Passion

Classic Passion map

This bares more resemblance to the map played on the sever now. The characteristic "MoFo in the sky" was added, as well as flat pyramids over the bases, more outer boxes and more pyramids.

The flat corner pyramids have developed into a well-known camping spot for guided missiles.

Current Map

Current Passion map in rabbit hunt mode.

The current map has been re-made using 2.0 objects, and is now almost completely mesh. The center cake has been changed to look more '2.0', with the slight change in it's shape, as well as the Planet MoFo FFA logo on the side and an Oscillation Overthruster camping spot. There were also further minor changes to the map in general.


The map has been edited to cater for all the major game styles, as well as some of the less popular ones, such as HTF. Other than these, there have been several other maps based around the original.

L4m3r's Re-work

This was one of the first attempts at 2.0izing the original map, and was popular for some time. The crosses on the central cake were modified to be slanted, and the middle section of the cake was drivethrough. The 'MoFo in the sky' was modified to be a mesh and flashed red and black.

Passion of the Polygon

Another map made by L4m3r. This map is entirely hexagonal, and everything in the map is similarly hexagonal.

Passion of the 3-way

Two triangular passion maps were made, one by Spazzy McGee, the other by L4m3r. They both triangulated most objects, though in l4m3r's version, meshed skins were applied to the bases to make them triangular. In Spazzy McGee's they remained square.

April Fools

This was three maps in one - the regular map, a map scaled down and a map scaled up. These were linked by teleporters and designed to disorientate the player.

April 1st 2007 saw the change to a "hell map" which featured several changes including flaming walls, spinning pyramids and a giant pentagram in the sky. This map is quite different and as a result gameplay is slightly different as there was no outer walls to rico off and no GM camping spots (flattened corner pyramids).

The Inversion

Made by Spazzy McGee, this is the normal map, but instead of blocks, everything is inverted as holes in the ground.

MoFo Garage

A map by Sir_Pants that has a large car-park like structure below it.

Two Story MoFo

Recently re-vamped, this map by Sir_Pants is similar to MoFo garage, but is much more playable. Among the added features were the second story beneath the main play area, and jump pads to go from the lower to top level. It is designed to be a 2-team CTF map, and Sir_Pants recommends the removal of the SW flag when playing this map.


This is a huge map with five cakes. It's basically four standard passion maps plugged together. It only really works with lots of players, but can be quite an interesting battle, since there are so many places to hide.

Epileptic Fit

A-Delusion's TextureMatrix 101.


There has been some controversy surrounding Planet MoFo's use of this map. Originally, the map was designed with a christian sense in mind, however the map was taken up by a server that openly allows swearing and explicit content. This was thought by some to be inappropriate, however Planet MoFo have argued that they have put much more time and effort into developing the map than the original map maker. Since then Planet MoFo have come to an agreement with ducatiwannabe over its use and modification.