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pyBZEdit is the name of a BZW map editor written in the python programing language. It is somewhat platform independent and can be made to run on most systems.


While attempting to solve the cross platform compatibility issues of BZEdit and BZEditWin32 by using the python language, pyBZEdit was in the end dependent on a number of external libraries that were difficult to install on the host OS, and fell out of use shortly after it was announced.


pyBZEdit was not developed by the BZFlag developers and is maintained independently at, http://sourceforge.net/projects/pybzedit/ by David Lawler. It appears as if development is slowed or stopped at this time.

Replacement by blender

The current accepted method of graphically editing BZW maps on Linux is using the BZWTools plug-ins for blender, as they provide a full 2.0 compliant editing system on a large number of platforms.