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A Pyramid is a BZW map structure that defines a polyhedron having a polygonal base and triangular sides with a common vertex in the world.


A pyramid with the default blue marble texture

The code for a pyramid object is as follows

 position 10 20 30
 rotation 45
 size 1 2 3

Valid parameters for a pyramid are

Parameter Description
position defines the center of the box in X and Y and the bottom of the box in Z.
rotation defines a rotation around the Z axis for the box, in degrees.
size defines the distance from the center to the side of the box in X and Y, and the total height of the box in Z.
matref reference to a predefined material. (requires v2.0.9+).
phydrv reference to a predefined physics driver. (requires v2.0.9+).
drivethrough lets a player drive into the pyramid without the oscillation overthruster flag.
shootthrough lets a player shoot into the object without the super bullet flag.

Pyramids do not support the use of Material or Physics Drivers before v2.0.9 . The meshpyr object replaces the pyramid object starting from BZFlag 2.0.0 and supports these features. In v2.0.9 the pyramid will be rendered as a meshpyr, if required by one of the properties.

Pyramids (after v2.0.9) support the argument "bottom matref <yourmaterialgoeshere>". This command will texture only the bottom of the pyramid with the chosen material.


The pyramid object has a marble blue texture on all sides by default. This texture is a darker version of the texture for waterLevel objects.


The pyramid is one of the original objects supported by BZFlag and has been a mainstay of maps since the very beginning. Pyramids are heavily used by the software when generating random maps. As of v2.0.0 the meshpyr object replaced the pyramid to add support for Materials and Physics Drivers. The original pyramid definition left unchanged, in order to maintain functional compatibility for older maps.

Editor Support

The pyramid object is supported by all known editors.