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The Python is a standard plug-in that is shipped with the BZFlag Source code. It exposes the BZFS API to the python programing language and includes a python interpreter for running python based plug-ins. The plug-in remains uncompleted, but somewhat functional for the small number of the API functions that it exposes.

Python was released with the v2.0.4 release of BZFlag.


When loaded the python plug-in installs a custom plug in handler for ".py" files. When any subsequent .py files loaded with the loadplugin commands are passed to the python plug-in, where it instantiates a python interpreter with python language bindings to a subset of the BZFS API. A small example plug-in is included in the source distribution "test.py".


Python was a proof of concept plug-in intended to show how to use plug-ins to expose the BZFS API to non C++ languages, specifically ones that could be interpreted at run-time.