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Recordmatch is a standard plug-in that is shipped with the source code. It allows for match games, such as league matches, to be recorded onto the server to be replayed later. It will automatically record when a game (match) is started, and it will record with a filename given by the current date and time. Recordmatch is included in v2.0.6 and later releases.


When the recordmatch plug-in is loaded, it waits for a match game to be started. When a game is started, it will create a new file to store the recording, named with the current date and time. When the game is ended, it will stop recording and close the file. The plug-in is loaded in the same way as any other and takes no parameters:

-loadplugin "/path/to/the/plugin/recordmatch"

or with the in game commands if the server is already running:

/loadplugin "/path/to/the/plugin/recordmatch"

The "-loadplugin" syntax is used in the server configuration file or at the command line when invoking a game server.

Be sure that you have in the configuration file:

  • -time X (Where X is the number of seconds of a match)
  • -timemanual


For most match servers for leagues the players will have the following commands:

  • /countdown "Will start the match"
  • /gameover "Will end the match immediately.
  • /timelimit X "Allows player to change the time limit to X, where X is the number of seconds"


The BZFS API was changed in the development of v2.0.6 to allow for recordings to be started. Recordmatch is the first plug-in to use the newly-added capability.