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While suggestions and ideas are always welcome, there are a few things that the BZFlag developers have decided not to include in the game. The reasons vary, but most often it's simply a design decision.

Rejected Idea Reasoning
Ability to carry multiple flags at once This sort of concept would have extreme balance issues. What happens if someone grabbed ST and CL at the same time? they'd be undetectable. Furthermore, some flags simply can't work together- for instance, L and GM.
Rotating tank turrets Controlling a rotating turret would be a nightmare, and would add too much complexity to the game.
Driving up slopes/pyramids, tilting turrets The game developers have decided that tanks should remain level (relative to the ground plane). In other words, it's a design decision.
Land Mines There are two equally-undesirable approaches to land mines:
  • Mines that are visible: This would be a useless addition to the game because players could easily drive around the mines.
  • Mines that are not visible: Too frustrating. Dying at random without being shot is no fun.