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The ricochet effect causes standard and laser shot types to rebound off of objects.

The effect can be acquired with the Ricochet (R) superflag or as a server option with the +r BZFS Command Line Option.

The ricochet flag is often under-estimated, in the right hands and on a map not expecting it ricochet can be a deadly weapon.

A ricocheting bullet or laser follows the rule 'arrival angle equals emergent angle', so you cannot bend ricochets by shooting in a turn or similar tactics.

Unaffected Flags

Ricochet on the server does not affect Super bullet, Phantom Zone, Guided Missile, and Shockwave superflags. See the Flag List for a list of all flags available in BZFlag.


Ricochet introduces some unique strategies to BZFlag. Here are some moves that involve ricochet. Variations are encouraged.

Brief Details Requirements
Simple Bounce When you cannot fire at your enemy directly turn towards the wall and fire a couple shots far apart. Use the radar to track the shots and when you have the best angle to ricochet off of shoot a spray of bullets. If you don't kill your enemy repeat, if they jump round the corner and fire under them. An object between you and the enemy, a wall almost parallel to the line between you and your enemy.
Pseudo-cide If you find yourself being pursued with no chance of turning around try driving straight for a wall, at the last minute fire a spray of bullets and jump. The bullets will ricochet off the wall and hopefully hit the enemy behind you. If the enemy dodges, you're screwed, otherwise if they jump you will likely land before them and be able to turn around or repeat the move. Enemy trailing you, wall perpendicular to the line of pursuit in front of you, jumping enabled by server.