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What follows is a sample group file

# In this example everyone in the SAMPLE.ADMIN group also gets the permissions
# of SAMPLE.COP, because of the *SAMPLE.COP entry which adds the permissions
# of SAMPLE.COP to SAMPLE.ADMIN, and everyone in the SAMPLE.OWNER
# group gets the permissions of SAMPLE.ADMIN (including the SAMPLE.COP) permissions
# because of the *SAMPLE.ADMIN entry.
# There are 2 "default" groups which are on every server they are
# EVERYONE and VERIFIED. EVERYONE is, well, everyone, including
# those in other groups. VERIFIED are users who have Globally Identified,
# also including those in other groups. You may include them in
# your group file. Permissions can be prefixed by one of 3 symbols +, -, or !

# +PERM adds a permission
# -PERM removes a permission
# !PERM denies a permission, even if it is inherited from another group.

# If the permission has no symbol + is assumed. If there is a conflict in perms
# between groups a person belongs to the order of precedence (from lowest to highest)
# is -, +, !.  This means if there is a -PERM and +PERM, the permissions that the
# user gets is +PERM. On the other hand if there is a +PERM and a !PERM the user
# is denied that PERM. The order in which the permissions are in the group file
# is not important.

# The line below removes all of the default permissions from the EVERYONE group and then
# gives them back TALK and SPAWN.

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