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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
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Message Text:= No groups matching the criteria you provided were found.
Message Text:= No groups matching the criteria you provided were found.
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Picture Frame.png This page contains a specification document for an enhancement or feature. It is a work of collaborative development, and may not represent the final design. If you are not part of the development or design group, please post comments and suggestions on the talk page and not in the middle of the design.


This use case describes the process a player will use to search for a group.

Use Case diagram

The diagram shows the requirements and rules the use case is responsible for (via the <<requirement>> stereotype).



Post conditions

The system has returned a result set of groups.

Requirements and rules realized

RQ5 Players cannot view group name and members of private groups they are not a member of
The system shall prevent players from viewing the group name and members of private groups they are not a member of.

  • BR8 Namespaces are publicly visible
  • BR13 The group name and members of public groups can be viewed by all players

RQ9 Search for group
The system shall enable players to search for groups matching a namespace and a group name they provide.

  • BR14 Use wildcard for groupname if empty

If no value is provided for the group name then search for any group belonging to the provided namespace.

  • BR9 Search for exact match then partial match

The system shall use the criteria supplied by the actor to search for an exact match of namespace and group. If no exact matches are found then the system shall use a partial match method to find names which are similar.

  • BR13 Only namespace mandatory

The system shall require a value for the namespace. A value for the group name is optional.

  • BR16 Reserved namespaces cannot be searched

The system shall not search for groups within Reserved namespaces.

RQ12 Result set contents
For each group found, the system shall display the name of the group, the group description and the membership policy of the group.

  • BR15 Private groups are excluded from results

The system shall exclude private groups from all search results.

  • BR10 Indicate partial match separately

The system shall indicate exact matches and partial matches separately.

  • BR11 Indicate group membership policy

The system shall indicate which groups have an open membership policy, and which have a by-request membership policy.

  • BR6 Closed groups

The system shall prevent any player from joining, or requesting to join, a public group with a closed membership policy.

RQ13 Result set formatting
The system shall format the display of the result set according to the following rules: BR12

  • BR12 Sort results in ascending alphabetical order

The system shall sort the result set into ascending alphabetical order using namespace, then group name.

Flow of events

The flow of events describes the main actor actions and system responses in the execution of the use case.

Activity diagram showing flow of events


Step: EX-1
Condition: Invalid search criteria
Message Number: ER-1
Message Text: Cannot complete the search: the search criteria are invalid, or contain a reserved name.

Step: AF-1
Condition: No groups found
Message Number: MSG-1
Message Text: No groups matching the criteria you provided were found.

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