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Permissions can be assigned to groups and individual players on a server. These permissions control what a player may do on the server.

Permission Description
actionMessages Allowed to use `/me`
adminMessageReceive Player receives messages sent to the admin channel
adminMessageSend Player may send messages to the admin channel
antiban Player is immune to `/ban`
antideregister Player cannot be deregistered with `/deregister`
antikick Player is immune to `/kick`
antikill Player is immune to `/kill`
antipoll Player is immune to `/poll`
antipollban Player is immune banning with `/poll`
antipollkick Player is immune kicking with `/poll`
antipollkill Player is immune killing with `/poll`
ban Player may ban other players with `/ban`
banlist Player may list active bans with `/banlist`
countdown Player may issue `/countdown`
date Player may query the date and time from the server with `/date`
endGame Player may issue `/endgame`
flagHistory Player allowed to use `/flaghistory`
flagMaster Player allowed to use `/flag give` and `/flag take`
flagMod Player allowed to use `/flag`
idlestats Player allowed to use `/idlestats`
kick Player allowed to use `/kick`
kill Player allowed to use `/kill`
lagwarn Player may use `/lagwarn` to query or set lagwarn variable
masterban Player may use `/masterban`
mute Player may use `/mute`
playerList Player may use `/playerlist`
poll Player may use `/poll`
pollBan Player may use `/poll ban`
pollFlagReset Player may use `/poll flagreset`
pollKick Player may use `/poll kick`
pollKill Player may use `/poll kill`
pollSet Player may use `/poll set`
privateMessage Player may send private messages with '.'
record Player may use `/record`
rejoin Allows instant rejoin, regardless of _rejoinTime
removePerms May remove permissions from players
replay Player allowed to use `/replay`
requireIdentify Registered callsigns must identify before they are allowed to spawn
say Player allowed to use `/say`
sendHelp Player allowed to use `/sendhelp`
setAll Grants all set* perms
setPerms May grant permissions to players
setVar Player allowed ot use `/set`
shortBan Allowed bans with limited durations only
showOthers May use `/showgroup` on other callsigns
shutdownServer Player allowed to use /shutdownserver
spawn Join game as a player. Observers don't need this permission.
superkill Player allowed to use `/superkill`
talk Allows player to send messages.
unban Player may use `/unban`
unmute Player may use `/unban`
veto Player may use `/veto`
viewReports Player may use `/viewreports`
vote Player may use `/vote`