Server Variables

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Name Default Description
_agilityAdVel 2.25 Multiplies _tankSpeed (for short bursts) for tanks holding Agility flag
_agilityTimeWindow 1 Specifies how long the tank will have the speed specified by _agilityAdVel
_agilityVelDelta 0.3  ?
_angleTolerance 0.05  ? src/bzflag/Player.cxx: if (fabsf(state.azimuth - predictedAzimuth) > angleTolerance)
_angularAd 1.5 Multiplies how fast tanks can turn while holding the Quick Turn flag
_avenueSize 2*_boxBase  ? Space to leave between objects in random maps?
_baseSize 60 Width and Depth (bases have constant height) of the square bases for CTF games
_boxBase 30  ?Width and Depth of boxes on a random map?
_boxHeight 6*_muzzleHeight  ??? Height of boxes on a random map?
_burrowDepth 1.32 How far down tanks drop when they have the Burrow Flag. Making this much lower makes it below the floor, and impossible to kill tank!
_burrowSpeedAd .8 Multiplies _tankSpeed for tanks holding the Burrow Flag
_burrowAngularAd .55 Multiplies how fast tanks can turn while holding the Burrow flag
_coldetDepth 6
_coldetElements 4
_countdownResumeTime 5 This enforces a delay when resuming a paused countdown. If the argument is lower or equal to 0 then resuming is instantly, otherwise it is delayed according to the value (in seconds). Available in 2.1 and later
_cullDepth 6
_cullDist fog Far plane culling distance ('fog' uses the fog parameters)
_cullElements 16
_cullOccluders 0
_disableBots none Does not allow autopilot or bots on the server, equivalent to the old -probitbots command line option.
_drawCelestial 1 Draw the stars, sun, and moon
_drawClouds 1 Draw the clouds
_drawGround 1 Draw the ground plane
_drawMountains 1 Draw the mountains
_drawSky 1 Draw the sky pyramid
_explodeTime 5 After a tank is killed, this is how long it takes to blow up. Larger values translates into longer explosions and more client processor time
_flagAltitude 11 How high up the flag pole the flags are.
_flagEffectTime 0.64
_flagHeight 10 Height of the flag (not its pole)
_flagPoleWidth 0.025 Diameter of the flag poles
_flagPoleSize 0.8
_flagRadius 2.5
_fogMode none Valid values : linear, exp, or exp2
_fogDensity 0.001 Used for exp and exp2 fog modes
_fogStart 0.5*_worldSize Used for linear fog mode
_fogEnd _worldSize Used for linear fog mode
_fogColor "0.25 0.25 0.25" RGB or black, red, blue, etc... (alpha is ignored)
_friction 0 0 is normal friction, the closer to 0 the harder it is to start and stop, and the higher the number the easier it is to start and stop.
_gmActivationTime 0.5 How long (in seconds) it takes for a Guided Missile to become active after it is fired. Any contact under this time will not result in detonation (setting it to low could cause its owner to run into its own GM and be blown up!
_gmAdLife 0.95 How far guided missiles will go. Specified as a multiplier to _shotRange.
_gmTurnAngle 0.628319 The angle at which a Guided Missile will turn to follow its target. (Measured in radians)
_gravity 9.8 The rate at which a tank will fall (or be kept from jumping) Measured in Meters/Seconds^2. Setting this to a zero or positive value will result in tanks being unable to stay down and will float away.
_handicapScoreDiff 50 How much of a score difference (from the leader?) there must be for a player to get a handicap
_handicapVelAd 2 Player with handicap will receive this much more (_tankSpeed + _handicapVelAd) velocity than the normal _tankSpeed value.
**Note: These could be factors rather than additions
_handicapAngAd 1.5 Player with handicap will receive this much more (_angularAd + _handicapAngAd) turning ability than the normal _angularAd.
**Note: These could be factors rather than additions
_handicapShotAd 1.75 **Note: These could be factors rather than additions
_identifyRange 50 If a flag is this distance or closer to a tank carrying the Identify (ID) flag, it will display the closest flag's type.
_jumpVelocity 19 How fast a tank moves vertically while jumping.
_laserAdVel 1000 How fast a laser travels.
_laserAdRate 0.5 Firing rate for a laser. This is a factor of _rFireAdRate ???
_laserAdLife 0.1 How long a laser remains after being fired. (measured in seconds?)
_latitude 37.5 The latitude at which the world exists. This effects the timezone.
_lgGravity 12.7 Modifies the gravity for owners of the Low Gravity flag. Similar to the _gravity variable. Available starting in version 2.1
_lockOnAngle 0.15 Angle in relation to tanks heading (positive or negative) that will allow a Guided Missile to lock onto a target.
_longitude 122 The longitude at which the world exists. This effects the timezone.
_lRAdRate 0.5 Rate at which the laser will reload ???
_maxBumpHeight 0.33 Any difference between the surface a tank is on and the top surface of an object the tank runs into that is less than this value will allow the tank to simply move up to the object rather than being stopped by it.
_maxFlagGrabs 4.0
_maxLOD 32767
_mirror none Options: white, black, red, blue, pink, purple, orange, etc... ("black 0.75" is a good setting)
_momentumLinAcc 1
_momentumAngAcc 1
_momentumFriction 0
_mGunAdVel 1/_mGunAdRate
_mGunAdRate 10
_mGunAdLife 1.5
_muzzleFront _tankRadius + 0.1
_muzzleHeight 1.57
_noClimb 1
_noShadows 0
_noSmallPackets 0
_notRespondingTime 5
_obeseFactor 2.5
_pauseDropTime 15
_positionTolerance 0.09
_pyrBase 4 * _tankHeight
_pyrHeight 5*_tankHeight
_radarLimit _worldSize
_rainBaseColor none When _rainType = rain, sets color of the bottom of raindrops.
_rainDensity none How many drops of rain in the space defined by _rainSpread.
_rainEndZ none Height above the ground where rain should stop falling.
_rainMaxPuddleTime none How long a rain puddle should exist before disappearing.
_rainPuddleSpeed none How fast puddles should spread out.
_rainPuddleColor none Color of rain puddles. none means no puddle.
_rainPuddleTexture none Texture of puddles. Best to leave default.
_rainRoofs 1 0 rain falls through everything
1 rain hits buildings, but puddles are only on the ground
2 rain hits buildings, and creates puddles on them
_rainSpread none Radius from center of map where rain will fall.
_rainSpeed none Should be obvious
_rainSpeedMod none Randomizes _rainSpeed by adding/subtracting up to this number from each raindrop's speed
_rainSpins none 0 Rain does not spin as it falls
1 Rain spins as it falls.
_rainStartZ none Height above ground that rain should fall from.
_rainTexture none Name of texture in data directory.
Works with _rainTypes of frog, particle, bubble, snow, fatrain
_rainTopColor none When _rainType = rain, sets color of the top of raindrops.
_rainType none Adjusts all _rain* and _use* variables automatically
Valid Options : frog, particle, rain, bubble, snow, fatrain
_rejoinTime _explodeTime
_reloadTime _shotRange/_shotSpeed
_rFireAdVel 1.5
_rFireAdRate 2
_rFireAdLife 1/_rFireAdRate
_shieldFlight 2.7
_shockAdLife 0.2
_shockInRadius _tankLength
_shockOutRadius 60
_shotRadius 0.5
_shotRange 350
_shotSpeed 100
_shotTailLength 4
_shotsKeepVerticalVelocity 0
_skyColor white
_srRadiusMult 2
_squishFactor 1
_squishTime 1
_syncTime 1
_syncLocation 0
_tankAngVel 0.785398
_tankExplosionSize 3.5 * _tankLength
_tankHeight 2.05
_tankLength 6
_tankRadius 0.72 * _tankLength
_tankSpeed 25
_tankWidth 2.8
_targetingAngle 0.3
_teleportBreadth 4.48
_teleportHeight 10.08
_teleportTime 1
_teleportWidth 1.12
_thiefAdLife 0.05
_thiefAdRate 12
_thiefAdShotVel 8
_thiefTinyFactor 0.5
_thiefVelAd 1.67
_thiefDropTime reloadTime * 0.5
_tinyFactor 0.4
_trackFade 3
_updateThrottleRate 30
_useLineRain none 0 Rain is not a vertical line
1 Rain is vertical lines, smoothly shaded from _rainTopColor to _rainBaseColor
_useRainPuddles none 0 Rain does not create puddles
1 Rain creates puddles
_useRainBillboards none 0 Rain is lines or polygons
1 Rain is billboards, textured and look the same from all angles
_velocityAd 1.5 Multiplies _tankSpeed for tanks holding the high speed (V) flag
_wallHeight 3 * _tankHeight
_weapons 1
_wideAngleAng 1.745329
_wingsGravity _gravity
_wingsJumpCount 1 How many jumps wings can do before returning to the ground
_wingsJumpVelocity _jumpVelocity The initial velocity of a jump with wings, in meters/sec
_wingsSlideTime 0
_worldSize 400