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Services Proposal

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Picture Frame.png This page contains the design document for an enhancement or feature. It is a work of collaborative development, and may not represent the final design. If you are not part of the development or design group, please post comments and suggestions on the talk page and not in the middle of the design.

This is a proposal for a revamped BZFlag services system (list server, BZFlag forum, and website) by AAA. Post comments on the Discussion page


Minimum Requirements[edit]

The BZFlag global service requires the following minimum features (and example):

  • Redundancy or distributed system for minimal failure (geographical distribution)
  • Internal authentication system common to all services
  • Ability to list servers
    • Player tracking (Who is where)
    • Players on the server
    • Team sizes (max and current)
    • Custom server status info (Game timer, game status)
    • Restricting server visibility by global group (advertise)
    • Get org names from the group manager for client sorting
    • Server version
  • Forum with common authentication
  • Wiki with common authentication
  • Token store with common authentication, for authenticating users to 3rd parties
  • Backwards compatibility in some way with 1.10.x and 2.0.x

Proposed features[edit]

  • Encrypted logins (by the BZFlag client and/or weblogin)
  • Registration in the client
  • Server Push for stats with replication of current data to an API query page for external sites
  • Anon usage profile data storage from clients for devs.
  • Knowing if the server requests global auth or not (reg bit to tell people to reg)
  • Global group management


  • Lightweight where possible

Other services[edit]

  • Image/texture uploading and hosting