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Shockwave is fired in background

Shockwave is a shot type which projects a spherical field that expands in all directions from the position the user fired it. It will kill all tanks that the field hits, including those above or below the firing tank, but not the firing tank itself. The field can travel through all materials and meshes such as buildings and scenery. The field cannot ricochet or transport through teleporters.

Shockwave can be acquired as weapon from a flag or as a world weapon.

It can be used as a world weapon by setting the type for the world weapon as "SW". In the Capture-the-Flag style game, a Shockwave is often fired from the base of the losing team, to prevent players from the winning team waiting around the base to immediately take the flag again.

Shockwave is one of the strongest superflags allowing players to kill "around corners". It is also commonly used to kill tanks jumping over a player or tanks a player is jumping over. However, because this flag sports only short range destruction, it can be easily countered by longer range attacks. Shockwave can destroy tanks in Phantom Zone and tanks with Oscillation Overthruster hiding inside buildings.

Depending on the settings of Shockwave related Server Variables, Shockwaves can be changed into many different and more powerful weapons. For example, a Shockwave which clears the entire map of players, a Shockwave which can be placed as a "mine", or a Shockwave which shrinks instead of expands. On a server with team kills disabled, few Shockwave flags, and a very large Shockwave size, a player who collects the Shockwave flag on one of these servers becomes a very powerful tank. Creative game play like this makes Shockwave flag a very versatile superflag.

Shockwave Variables[edit]

Server Variables that control behavior of shockwave:

Name Default Description
_shockAdLife 0.2 How long a shockwave lasts.
_shockInRadius _tankLength The starting radius of the shockwave. Negative values will make the shockwave shrink and expand.
_shockOutRadius 60 The outer radius of the shockwave. If greater than _shockInRadius, the shockwave expands outward. If less than _shockInRadius, the shockwave starts big and shrinks inward.