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Showdown League

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Showdown League Info

General Informations

The Showdown League is actually a very young CTF style league. The league was launched on April 22th, 2010 by honeytank and Cherry. There are 14 teams, over 70 players, from 24 different countries. The League is played on the Showdown map by honeytank (current version 2.0.2)(Statistics as of May 9th, 2010)

To become a good player on this league, you need Ricochet and Jumping skill. To get some of it you should visit the GU League and the Ducati League. These leagues are specified on Jumping and Ricochet.

Get involved

New players should check out the Getting Started page. A globally registered name is important to play on the Showdown League. Non-registered players cant use match servers.

If you got an global registered callsign, use that while registering on the league. Two spawn on the match servers you have to write a post in the spawnlist topic of the league forum, one of the league admins will add you to the SHOWDOWN.LEAGUE spawnlist on the global BZFlag forums. If you're on the list, you can spawn at all league servers, but just with the one league callsign.


To be liked on the league (by admins and mates) you should read this rules.

  • Faking a match, cheating or playing with two different accounts (ban duration 4 months-forever)
  • Player harrasment and swearing (5 days-2 months)
  • Registering without global registered callsign and admin asking (5 hours-3 days)

The rules can change often, to read the actual rules and ban durations see the rules page of the league directly.

Fun Matches (FM)

Fun matches are good to start the playing on the league. They wont be reported, so there is no pressure to win. To do an funmatch you can go on one of the league servers with some other league players, who have to be on spawnlist. They don't need to be same team, just players on the list who want to match. Just join a team and play then.It doesn't matter what league-team the players are, its free for all spawnlist members.

Fun matches can have additional players joining the game. The current players need to accept more players in the match, if they do you can join. There have to be 2 additional players at all, so it stay even. Players should self-kill after joining, with facing a wall and shoot or using the delete key. This ensures there is not an unfair advantage due to initially spawning on the team base. If another player tells "sk" to you, you should self-kill, that's good sportsmanship.

No fun match will ever be reported

Teams, Matching & Reporting

To have full fun on the league, you need a team. You can join a team by visiting the teams page and hitting the "Join" button next to the team, that is, if the team is open to anyone. The most teams are closed, you cant click a join button there. To get into them you need to contact the team leader, using the "BZMail" Button. First requests will propably turn down. Don't be sad then, the teamleaders like to know you before they send invitations. To know the players just go onto the match servers and talk with the other Observers, or with your mates on fun-matches. If you're nice they will like you very quick. So best way to know the other players, play. If you're more active, you will be more knowed.

If you found a team and joined you can do a match, but please watch the following lines.

Doing Official Matches

The commands you will propably need during the matches;

  • /timelimit - The variables are 10, 15, 30 and 60. With timelimit you can change the match duration.
  • /countdown - Will start the match with the choosen timelimit.
  • /countdown pause - Will pause the current match, use it if there is a phone call etc. (Abusing will be banned)
  • /countdown resume - Will unpause the paused match.
  • /gameover - Will abruptly stop the match. (Abusing will be banned)
  • /officlal - Will set the match an official one, the match will be reported.
  • /unofficial - Will set the match an unofficial once, match wont be reported.


  • Do not start the match timer before all participating players are ready and make sure everyone has agreed on playing an official match.
  • Make sure all players agree with opponents lag before starting the match. It is frowned upon to start a match and realize half way in that the lag is unplayable.
  • Everyone participating should either able to finish the match or have a substitute available in case.
  • Make sure that youre on an official match server. (Official Showdown League Match Server)
  • If a player goes [NR] (which means they are 'Not Responding', thus have lost their connection to the server somehow), pause the match and wait for a substitute or for the player to rejoin
  • Make sure everyone is ready for a substitute before it happens to prevent major chaos in the match.
  • If two more players want to join from the respective teams, make sure everyone is prepared and has said yes to the addition of players.
  • Pick a server closest to the majority of players. If it is a half/half case, just agree on one.

If for some reason a match has to be canceled, make sure a player of both teams somehow saves score, remaining time, position of flags/players. (Easiest by taking a screenshot - hit F5) When the match can be resumed later, adjust the timer to the remaining time the match was stopped at. Use the /timelimit <minutes go here> command to adjust the timer before a match.


For this league, there is an autoreport plugin. So if you do "/official" the match will be automaticly reported. If the auto-report failed the administrators will get a message and report it manually. You don't have to report anything. But if you want you can report it anyways, for getting sure result is right.

League match servers

In the following you can see a list of our current league match servers. To match you need to be on one of them.

  • 5280 England
  • 5280 USA
  • 5280 USA
  • 5280 USA

Find teammates

There are two ways to find a teammate on the Showdown League.

Website intern view is without details about the players, it will show you team, name and current server of the players. Extern version is with detailed information about the players, like straight-index and highest score. So for detailed information strayer, for basic information website intern information.

Abbreviations you should know

As mentioned already above, there are some abbreviations used very often in the league. If you haven't already, check out Jargon for more non-league specific abbreviations and Jargon. Below are some league specific abbreviations. Note that this is not a complete list, just the most common terms you should know in order to prevent confusion between players or in a match.

sd, sdl | Showdown, Showdown League. Used to tell what league should be played.
offi | Referring to an official match. ("offi?" means somebody wants to play an official match)
fm | Referring to fun match. ("fm?" means somebody wants to play a fun match)
sk | Selfkill. (Expression often used when new players join an already running fun match. New players should kill themselves once immediately after spawning.)
tk | Teamkiller. One of the players is killing his/her teammates.
def | Defend. If your teammate said that you have to stay back and defend your teams flag.
att | Attack. If your teammate said that you have to go and get enemies flag.
gs, ns, n1, g1 | Good Shot, Nice shot, Nice one, Good one. Used when somebody did something very good.
ty, thx | Thank you. Thanks.
hf, gl | Have fun, Good luck. Used before a match stated, good sports.
gg | Good game. Used after the game, good sports..