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BZFlag can start a local BZFS. See the start menu, then join "localhost" on the default port (5154 for 1.10 and newer)

Use -solo <n> to include bots when you join the server. This allows you to play locally.

Note: all the server options are NOT available from inside bzflag. You are better off starting the server in another window. See CreatingAServer for more information.

1 More detail

Q. Will someone tell me more clearly how to play single-player? Thanks.

A. Thanks to mario.icosaedro for help...


bzflag -solo X name@servername

Put your name into name slot Put server address into servername slot

However, a callsign or server is not required at the command line, as the GUI will start if not given.


bzflag.exe -solo 10

This will start 1 session of bzflag with 10 robots and you can then play along with your robots on marios server (or any server that you state). You dont need to start a second session just for yourself, you'll be the player without a number after your name.

There is help at and there is a link also to Tim's very well and easy to read help site.


->Basically, create your own server if you wish to just play byyourself with noone else, and then regardless of what server you play on, add robots by giving BZFlag command line command -solo NUMROBOTS replacing NUMROBOTS with the amount of robots you want to play with.

2 Mac OS X

This is how you set up a single player game in OS X:

1. Navigate to BZFlag. Control-Click BZFlag and in the contextual menu select "Show Package Contents"; then double click the "Contents" and then the "MacOS" folder's. Leave this window open.

2. Now Open Terminal (which is in the /Applications/Utilities folder).

3. In the "MacOS" folder there should be something called "BZFlag"; click and drag that over to your open Terminal window. It should put something in the command line to the order of: "/Applications/" (that is if you have BZFlag in your Applications folder)

4. Now type one space after that string of text: "-solo N" (Replace the "N" with the number of Bots you want). Now press enter; it should launch BZFlag. Now start a server and connect to it.

You should now be playing against some sort of intelligent tanks.


3 Windows

1. Select a shortcut icon (on desktop, in Start->Programs, on Quick Launch bar ... doesn't matter where). Right-click and choose "Create Shortcut". This will give you a second shortcut (numbered "(2)", "(3)", etc.) which you can change without affecting the first one.

2. Go to your shortcut, right click and choose Properties. Shortcut Target will be highlighted.

3. Press End and add to the end of the target the desired options (" -solo 10" for instance). The changed target line will look like this:

     "C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.8\bzflag.exe" -solo 10 

4. This icon will start a game with 10 bots (see manual). You can start a server on your own computer from within BZFlag if desired.