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Before you read below please be advised that many server owners do not like you putting bots on their servers. This could earn you a ban at the owner's discretion. If you wish to run bots on a public server ask permission from the server owner first.

BZFlag can start a local BZFS. See the start menu, then join "localhost" on the default port (5154 for 1.10 and newer).

Use -solo <n> to include bots when you join the server. This allows you to play locally.

Note: Not all of the server options are available from inside bzflag. You are better off starting the server in another window. See CreatingAServer for more information.

Additional Info

Open up a terminal (unix) or command prompt (windows) and change directory to wherever you installed BZFlag (something like cd "C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.8\" on windows). Then type the following command.

bzflag -solo X callsign@servername:5154

Replace "X" with the number of bots you want, "callsign" with your callsign and "servername" with the address of the server. A callsign or server is not required at the command line, as the GUI will start if not given.


bzflag -solo 5

This will start a BFZlag client with 5 robots and you can then play along with your robots. You dont need to start a second session just for yourself, you'll be the player without a number after your name.


  • Select a shortcut icon (on desktop, in Start->Programs or Quick Launch bar - doesn't matter where). Right-click and choose "Create Shortcut". This will give you a second shortcut (numbered "(2)", "(3)", etc.) which you can change without affecting the first one.
  • Go to your shortcut, right click and choose Properties. Shortcut Target will be highlighted.
  • Press the "End" key and add to the end of the target the desired options (" -solo 5" for instance). The changed target line will look like this:
"C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.8\bzflag.exe" -solo 5
  • This icon will start a game with 5 bots. You can start a server on your own computer from within BZFlag if desired.