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Below is a list of the commands that are available in BZFlag. Access to most of these commands is controlled through permissions.

All commands are preceded by a '/' on any chat prompt. The format for commands that take arguments are provided by the server by issuing the command with no arguments. (ie. `/ban`)

Some commands take no arguments (eg. /shutdownserver, /superkill) and therefore do not return the format string for the command but execute the command instead.

Command Description
/? List commands
/ban Ban players using the specified IPs of the player specified for certain length of time from using this server.
/banlist List all of the IPs currently banned from this server. Items from the master ban list on have an '(m)' after the IP for masterban. If an argument is specified only bans that match the argument are displayed.
/checkip Check if a specified IP is banned or not and report the results.
/clientquery Retrieve client version info from all users, or just CALLSIGN if given
/countdown Starts the countdown sequence for a timed game. The countdown sequence length can optionally be specified in seconds.
/date Responds with the current server local date and time (same as /time).
/deregister With an argument, it deregisters another user's callsign . Without, it removes your own registration. (only affects local registration)
/endgame Ends the current game
/flag Repositions flags. If unused is specified, flags carried by tanks are not affected.
/flag up Removes all flags from the game
/flag show Shows all flags with information.
/flag give Give the specified flag to the specified player. This command spawns the flag directly above the play, so if they are moving the flag will fall on the ground near them. If the flag is not available, it will take a flag from the person who has the flag specified. You cannot give flags that do not exist on the map.
/flag take Will take the flag that the player specified is currently carrying.
/flaghistory Lists what flags players have grabbed in the past.
/gameover Ends a timed game.
/ghost Kicks off an impersonating player or ghost
/grouplist Lists the available user groups
/groupperms Lists the permissions for each group
/help With no argument it displays a lists the help files available. With the argument it displays the contents of the help file.
/hostban Ban players using the specified hostnames for a certain length of time from using this server.
/hostbanlist List all of the host patterns currently banned from this server.
/hostunban Will remove the the specified host from the ban list so that players from that host will be able to blay again.
/idban Ban a player by bzbb id. This will stick even if the player ip changes.
/idbanlist List all bans made with /idban
/identify Log in to a registered callsign
/idlestats Displays the idle time in seconds for each player. A player is idle when he is dead and has not respawned yet.
/idlist Will list the currently banned IDs
/idunban Will remove the ban on the ID specified so that the player may play on the server again.
/kick Kick a named player off the server.
/kill Kill a player (they explode)
/lagdrop With no argument it displays current lagdrop setting, with argument it sets it to the value specified. This specifies the number of warnings a player gets due to high lag before the server kicks the players.
/lagstats Lists network delays, jitter and number of lost (out of order packets) by player.
/lagwarn With no argument it displays current lagwarn setting, with argument it sets it to the value specified. If a players lag is higher that the setting they will be warned, then kicked.
/localset Set local client variables in your configuration file.
/masterban Manipulate the master ban list.
/me This command displays an "action" that is conveyed to another player. It allows for a little more expressivity in the game. For example: "/me is hunting wabbits" turns into a message like "Thumper is hunting wabbits" that gets displayed differently to other players.
/msg This command allows a player to send a message to another player. Similar to using the "," and "." message keys in the game and then selecting your recipient, this will send some message to particular player.
/mute Allows a server admin to remove the ability for a player to communicate with other players. Once muted the player may only talk to admins on the server. This command removes the TALK permission for that user.
/part Leave the server with a goodbye message (same as /quit).
/password Attempt to gain administrator. The passwords are random and regenerated every time the server starts making this command nearly useless on servers.
/playerlist List player names and IP addresses.
/poll Start a player poll
/quit Leave the server with a goodbye message (same as /part).
/record List all files in the recordings directory
/record start Starts recording
/record stop Stops recording
/record size Specify size of recording buffer in megabytes (MB)
/record rate Specify recording rate in seconds
/record stats Display statistics of recording
/record file Specify a filename for recording instead of using memory
/record save Save an in-memory recording buffer to a file
/register Register your current callsign locally to the specified password. Passwords must be at least 3 characters long, and the callsign may not contain quotes or other non-alphanumeric/space characters. We use global logons and this is not needed.
/reload Reloads the user, group, and password files (for synchronization between multiple servers on the same machine)
/removegroup Remove a user from a group
/replay list List recording files that can be replayed
/replay load Load a recording file for play
/replay play Start playback of the loaded recording
/replay skip Skip forwards or backwards through the recording
/report Write a message to the server administrator
/reset Reset a server variable to it's bzfs default setting.
/say Generate a public message sent by the server. For example "/say This is a server message", will display [SERVER:] This is a server message (Thumper)
/sendhelp Send a help file to a player
/serverquery Report the server version number
/set With no arguments it will list the values of all server variables. With the arguments it will set the variable that is specified to the value that is given.
/setgroup Add a user to a group
/setpass Changes your password (for locally registered users, not globally)
/showgroup Lists the groups that a registered user is a member of
/showperms Show permissions granted to yourself or another player
/shutdownserver Stop serving BZFlag on this server.
/superkill Kick all players off the server.
/time Responds with the current server local date and time (same as /date).
/unban Will remove the IP adress from the banlist, allowing someone from that address to conncet and play BZFlag.
/unmute Allows a server admin to restore the TALK permission to a previously muted player.
/uptime Prints server's current running time in days, hours, mins and secs.
/veto If there is a poll active, this will cancel the poll.
/viewreports View the server's report file.
/vote If there is a poll active, this command will place a vote in favor or in opposition to the poll. Multiple languages are supported as a vote argument in addition to "yes" and "no". By default, you must be registered to vote on a poll.