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I question the value of

  1. default mappings. Because they are easily customizable, players who use quick keys are most likely to set them in a way that works for their style of play. Since there are as many styles as there are players (or more) it will be very hard to come up with the "right" set of defaults.
  2. these mappings. These messages seem more appropriate to individual players than to team or all. Why would you tell the world "Thanks" or "Geno gone".

My goal was to improve teamplay, so only the team messages would be important to default. What you say about playing styles means the would be no agreed-upon defaults for say-all messages. But team messages can be defaulted as playing styles don't vary as much when working as a team. Teams have the usual things they say, so this could be defaulted, no? Khonkhortisan 23:19, 22 March 2012 (CDT)