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The tank is the primary avatar of the player in BZFlag.
Blue tank small.png

2.0.10 and earlier

This Classic BZFlag tank model has been in the game since it's inception, and been an integral part of game play. This tank model has received few graphical upgrades over the years, and looks today much the same as it has since the first version of the game.

The classic tank model is hard coded as a series of OpenGL instruction in the BZFlag Source code. The model may not be changed externally with out modifications to the game client itself.

The 2.0.10 tank model has been exported from the code, and can be found as a wavefront obj file at http://my.bzflag.org/resources/models/Tank.obj This can be imported into most 3d modeling packages.


The tank model has 7 different colors, or "skins", that it can appear in. The color of the tank results from the team in which the tank is playing, or some other game logic (such as Hunters and Rabbits in Rabbit Hunt) The 7 tank colors are as follows:

Depending on an individual client's graphical settings, the tank may have animated treads and spinning wheels. The tanks shown are the most basic version of the tank.


Tank dimensions in world units

The Tank's visible model is 8.04 world units long, 2.8 units wide, and 2.05 units tall as shown in the image. If one assumes that one world unit is equivalent to one real world meter, then the tank would be 26 feet 4.5 inches long, 9 feet 2 inches wide, and 6 feet 10 inches tall.

The tank bounding box (used in collisions with world objects) is 6 world units long, 2.8 units wide, and 2.05 units tall, and does not include the barrel forward of the tip of the treads. The muzzle of the barrel is 1.57 world units from the ground, meaning that a tank can shoot over a box 1.5 units high.


The tank model was originally created by Tamar Cohen for the first versions of BZFlag and has since been extended and modified by the BZFlag developers.

Future Versions

The tank model will most likely be redone for a future version. 3 0 tank test render.png

It will be an external loaded model and have the same basic dimensions as the older tank.