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Win Xp's Tank Models

This is a series of 2 tank models (and one PSD file. They were made in Blender and PhotoShop for use in BZFlag renderings. You may used these files as you wish, they are Public Domain.

Basic Tank

This here is basically a higher-rez version of the in-game tank. The treads can be removed, if you do not want them.


  • Vertices: 1803
  • Faces: 1674
  • Format: .OBJ


Download Basic Tank

Robo Tank

This is a heavily modified BZFlag tank, it does contain about 20,000 faces, so use sparingly.


  • Vertices: 18294
  • Faces: 20665
  • Format: .OBJ


Download Robo Tank

Photoshop Tanks

Top view of a "cartoon" tank.


  • Filesize: 2.48mb
  • Format: .PSD (Photoshop Document)


Download Cartoon Tanks