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Technically, Tavern is a server rather than a map, namely However, because of it's distinctive gameplay and it's non-succinct title "Very fast bullets, L, WG, ST, IB flags. One shot. Jumping. No rico." most BZ-players refer to the map and server as "Tavern."


Tavern is a randomly generated map, using 1.0 objects such as simple boxes and pyramids. Tavern's distinction is in the fast bullets and shotsKeepVerticalVelocity setting. Sniping and ducking behind buildings for cover are important tactics since dodging is quite impossible. Although each of the flags is equally powerful, a skilled player will often be effective with no flag.


Tavern requires heavy use of the radar. The radar size should be increased to as large as one feels comfortable. Use the radar to watch for sight-lines on the entire map. Use the buildings to block others from being able to get a shot at you. Make heavy use of the binocular key ('b' by default). Re-map this key to a more comfortable place if necessary. Unless you are out in the open, it is usually better not to move too much. Wait and watch carefully. Avoid jumping unless you are well protected by buildings. Conversely, make your move to destroy an enemy when you see that they have jumped. Beware of stealthed tanks, note to yourself the last known position of the stealthed tank. Use shotsKeepVerticalVelocity to your advantage. You can shoot down Winged tanks and/or tanks on buildings if you time your shot and jump correctly.

Map History and Information

Tavern is hosted in Estonia.