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The teamflagreset plugin will look at the team flags and see if they have been held by a player and dropped - if so, it will start timing to a limit. If the flag is not picked up again within that time limit the team flag will reset with a message saying which team flag sat idle too long.

It will also automatically disable itself for teams with no players and for only 1 team in the match (no opposing teams).


The plugin will allow the time limit to be passed to it through the -loadplugin command line with bzfs. The format is as follows:

-loadplugin <filepath>[,<m>]

where <m> is the timer value (in minutes) for timed ctf.
For example, "-loadplugin plugins/teamflagreset,2", would start the plugin with the timer set for 2 minutes.
The minimum is 1 minute and the maximum is 120 minutes.
If no time is specified, the plugin defaults to 5 minutes.

Server Commands

There are 4 administrator commands available with the plugin:

/tfrtime <m>   - this will set timer interval for checking idle flags to <m> minutes (1-120).
/tfroff        - this will disable the timer.
/tfron         - this will enable the timer.
/tfrstatus     - this will return the status of the timer (enabled or disabled and time interval).