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A Teleporter is a BZW map structure that defines a object which transports the user to another teleporter in a different part of the world/map. To be used effectively, one or more teleporters must be combined with links.


Teleporter with the default textures

The code for a teleporter object is as follows

 teleporter example_teleporter_name
  position 0.0 0.0 0.0 
  size 0.125 5 20
  rotation 0.0
  border 1.12

Valid parameters for a teleporter are

Parameter Description
name defines a name for the teleport (3.0+ only - put the name after the word 'teleporter' in 2.0). This is used when linking teleporters together.
position defines the center of the teleporter in X and Y and the bottom of the teleporter in Z.
rotation defines a rotation around the Z axis for the teleporter, in degrees.
size defines the distance from the center to the side of the teleporter in X and Y, and the total height of the teleporter in Z.
border defines the yellow caution border around the teleporter entry point.

Note: Teleporters are entered through X. As such, it is recommended to keep X fairly small (.125 works well). However, if X is zero, it will cause BZFlag bugs. If you need to enter a teleport from Y, rotating it 90 degrees is the suggested solution. X shouldn't be larger than the border size either, or else the shimmering portal will extend outside the teleporter frame, and create an invisible wall in between. Teleports are 2-sided, not 4.


Teleporters appear with a yellow/black caution texture on the outer border of the object and with a pulsing texture in the middle.

#Teleporters may be textured with a magic material name , LinkMaterial. 
#There is no need for "matref LinkMaterial" in the teleporter definition.

  name LinkDynCol
  red limits 0 0.25
  red sinusoid 2 0 1
  green limits 0 0.25
  green sinusoid 2 0.666667 1
  blue limits 0 0.25
  blue sinusoid 2 1.33333 1
  alpha limits 0.75 0.75
  name LinkTrix
  shift 0 -0.05 
  center 0 0
name LinkMaterial
  addtexture   telelink.png
    texmat LinkTrix
    dyncol LinkDynCol 


The teleporters first appeared in BZFlag 1.0.0. In BZFlag 2.0.0, they were redesigned, introducing the name field, making link creation easier for designers.

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