The Two Tanks

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‘’’The Two Tanks’’’ is a 2 team (red vs. blue) CTF map hosted on BZtank.


Some main features of the map are listed here. (The map is exactly symmetrical).


  • Tanks: The map is known for having two giant-sized tanks, shaped like the standard tank the player drives in and sees on the map, which act as a base for each team. Each team's capture point is located on the back of the tank, and there is a teleporter on the back that goes to the ground nearby. You can also drive through the wall to get to the front of the tank/tank cannon, which will send you to the enemy's tank. There are also stairs at the very back of the tank to allow you to climb up/down.
  • Center circle: There is a floating circle in the center of the map which houses ShockWave flags.
  • Walls, Platforms and Pyramids: There are lots of these throughout the map which make he map a very good tactical laser sniping ground.
  • Highway: In jumping distance from each tank is a highway which will allow the player to rapidly access the enemy tank. Stealth flags are located at the first platform on the highway.


  • Laser flags are by far the most prominent here, with Guided Missile flags found in smaller quantities.
  • Stealth flags can be found on the highway platform near each tank, and Cloaking can be found on the ground.
  • Thief can be found at random spots on the map
  • Tiny or Narrow are often required to get to the enemy's flag.
  • ShockWave flags are located in the middle of the map.