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BZFlag 3.0.0 will support TTF fonts and Unicode characters. This opens up possibilities to include more translations in the game, or to improve older translations. If you would like to help, you should check out the latest code from the [BZFlag SVN] repository and build a 2.99.x/3.x.x client.

The language files are stored within the l10n directory in the data directory. We have a starting template located in the bzflag_xx.po file with some information at the top to get you started.

Once you have a new translation file created, you can select it from Options > GUI Settings > Locale, or by passing the -locale parameter to the BZFlag client when launching it.

If your translation requires a certain font, you can specify this in the language file. Once you have picked a font (or set of fonts) you can make your translation file use them by translating the strings "_consoleFont" "_serifFont" and "_sansSerifFont" to the font names that you would like to use as defaults.

The Russian translation file has this done if you need an example:

## FONTS ##

msgid "_consoleFont"
msgstr "DejaVuSansMonoBold"

msgid "_serifFont"
msgstr "DejaVuSerifBold"

msgid "_sansSerifFont"
msgstr "DejaVuSansCondensedBold"

We bundle a few fonts, but if you need one we do not provide, you should first of all make sure the font you pick uses a license that is compatible with BZFlag. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask us on IRC.