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Given the decline in players and development a number of questions should be answered to find out where the major failings of the project are. The answers can help determine what direction should be taken.

Answers to these questions must site sources and have data to backup the answer. Guesses are not acceptable.

General Usage

How many players (unique) play every week(month)?

How many players are playing on average at various times in the day?

How long does the average player play in a session?

How many separate games (join/part) does a player play a day/week?

How many official league games are there a week/month?

How many players play in official league games in a week/month.

Player Retention

How many people register then play less then 5 games? 1 game?

How many players stop playing after 24 hours? 2 weeks?

Website questions

How many people who hit the site, download the game?

How many people who hit the screenshots page look at a screenshot?

How many people leave the site with no download once they see the screenshots page?