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About me[edit]

I'm playing BZFlag since 2003. I registered at the BZBB 2006.

So far i'm playing in several leagues and own a server mainly for BZFlag related use. While playing I had a handful of callsigns but most commonly played (and playing) as 'Cobra_Fast'.


In autumn 2007 i foundet WTWRP (short for We Think We aRe Pros) as a small group of players playing, discussing and building maps and games. After another year passed by WTWRP entered the GU league and became a bit more popular.


I developed the barely known Web BZFS Manager (which isn't finished yet, and development freezed so far). The project im currently working on is PowerBZEdit, a entirely new bzw editor built up from scratch. Info can be found there:

And recently i'm enhancing the BZWiki in some small aspects because I sometimes have nothing better to do.

Further evidence[edit]

If you are still interested in me you are invited to read my blog at or take a look at my other software projects at .