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This is a task list that I, javawizard2539, am working to complete.


  • Split out template:apicall into three additional subtemplates, template:apicall/param, template:apicall/returns, and template:apicall/seealso.
  • Add functionality into the apicall template to create an anchor that consists of the function call's name with spaces removed, possibly with a prefix like "apicall_". Another template can then be added that creates a link to a particular api call. All of the api calls would then have to be on the same page, which, with the help of the anchor templates, shouldn't bee to much of a problem (a TOC can somehow be transcluded at the top).
  • Add a couple of userboxes, and use them myself. I already have a couple of ideas for these (such as This user primarily plays on such and such a server, possibly with a mini world screenshot of that server next to it)


  • Write a plugin that allows plugins to be written in Java. I've started the plugin, and it's to the point that I can write a plugin in java that shows when a user signs on, and which parameters the plugin was loaded with, but that's about as far as I've gotten it.
  • Write a plugin that causes death within specified zones unless the player is holding a specific custom flag.