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This page intentionally blank.

Well not quite.

This Mr Burns lives in the south of England and is married to the player known as "DoesMyBumLookBigInThis?" Geeky at heart, his day job is UNIX & Linux system administration and technical support but for reasons too boring to contemplate, also has to support Windows users as well. My advice to those users is usually

  • Switch it off and on again
  • Turn the volume up

Pet peeve: poor grammar and spelling. For instance, the abuse that the poor old apostrophe suffers. Have a look here to see how to use it properly. Don't get me started on mobile phone text-speak.

Favourite BZ maps include Mario's arena, probably because it was the first map I got "into"; any Louman map because of the imaginative graphics (eg. Desktop, Churchyard, Mystic Valley); bloodbath because it's such a good combination of all the gameplay elements. The list continues (in Burns' head).

Mr_Burns is a junior admin on the Norang servers & some of Zaphod's maps, and is cop on pythonian.