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Hi, I'm TangenT (aka Hyper, or eTangenT). I have been playing BZFlag since early 2006, and in that time, I have made a few maps and run a few servers.

My very first map was TangenT's Playground (bad name? of course.), which consisted of some X structures and some pyramids. It was basic, but fun for testing. I later added two small towers for launching GM, and I also made a CTF version that featured two (excessively) tall towers (with tunnels!) that led up to the team bases. Other additions include a Laser Show every couple minutes, some random Genocide bullets flying around, and the occasional World Weapon Shockwave.

This first map led to my first server group, called Null BZFlag (later shortened to NullBZ). I initially ran the Playground fulltime, but then I created a maze map with no radar (and no real name, either!), and begun a rotation on NullBZ. Later, I created another Maze map, and also, I created the Village map (there were a bunch of hut-looking things). I moved the mazes to their own rotation.

However, with no-radar maps dying in popularity, I felt it was better to remove the maze rotation, and in its place, I put up a 2-Team CTF rotation, and a 4-team CTF rotation.

Now my servers are currently down, but in the meantime, other maps have been completed, including Bridges, a battle over water, and Aquatic Dispute (Atlantis?), which is a map above AND inside water (if you can find it, and it's on the BZFlag forums, you should check it out).

Of course, being that NullBZ is now out of existance (I think), I am working with Constitution on a new project, one of the biggest things BZFlag will ever see. It's still in progress, but if you know where to look, you can find our progress.