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V3.0 is very close to a release candidate. This page will list the remaining items that need to be addressed before an RC can be made.

RC Critical fixes.

  1. MsgPause fix <trepan>
  2. 32-bit teleporter-vs-box bug <BulletCatcher ? >

RC Critical Tasks

  1. Windows installer review (install VC9 runtimes etc..)
  2. Linux Package review (new files in the right places )
  3. Mac installer review (check it in)
  4. Readme Updates
  5. Docs for V3 changes (-a missing, caps on server, lag comp, etc..)
  6. Replay System tested.
  7. API review (spelling, consistency)
  8. Dead-reckoning / lag-compensation testing <JeffM ? >

RC 'really nice' features

  1. Ask user to accept non bzflag.org images <trepan>
  2. Ask user to join non bzflag.org servers (MsgJoinServer) <trepan>
  3. Parity mesh checks to replace inside/outside points <trepan>

RC 'really nice' Fixes/Tasks

  1. Webadmin template review ( for style )