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V3.0 is very close to a release candidate. This page will list the remaining items that need to be addressed before an RC can be made.

RC Critical fixes.

  1. MsgPause fix <trepan>
  2. 32-bit teleporter-vs-box bug <BulletCatcher ? >
  3. Network data is being received or processed by the client in the opposite order causing many odd bugs, such as the motto not being display, and possibly causing players' flags from not showing up when you join.

RC Critical Tasks

  1. Windows installer review (install VC9 runtimes etc..)
  2. Linux Package review (new files in the right places )
  3. Mac installer review (check it in)
  4. Readme Updates
  5. Docs for V3 changes (-a missing, caps on server, lag comp, etc..)
  6. Replay System tested.
  7. API review (spelling, consistency)
  8. Dead-reckoning / lag-compensation testing <JeffM ? >

RC 'really nice' features

  1. Ask user to accept non bzflag.org images <trepan>
  2. Ask user to join non bzflag.org servers (MsgJoinServer) <trepan>
  3. Parity mesh checks to replace inside/outside points <trepan>

RC 'really nice' Fixes/Tasks

  1. Webadmin template review ( for style )