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V3.0 has some major problems that prevent it from being close to a release candidate. This page will list the remaining items that need to be addressed before an RC can be made.

RC Critical fixes.[edit]

  1. Dead-reckoning / lag-compensation testing / message loop / lag.
  2. MsgPause fix.
  3. Team flag disappears while the tank that was carrying it is dead.
  4. Some letters are not rendered in certain font sizes.

RC Critical Tasks[edit]

  1. Linux Package review (new files in the right places )
  2. Mac installer review (check it in)
  3. Readme Updates
  4. Docs for V3 changes (-a missing, caps on server, lag comp, etc..)
  5. API review (spelling, consistency)

RC 'really nice' features[edit]

  1. Implement map features to define proper "flag pass" behavior in maps that want it
  2. Ask user to accept non bzflag.org images
  3. Ask user to join non bzflag.org servers (MsgJoinServer)
  4. Parity mesh checks to replace inside/outside points

RC 'really nice' Fixes/Tasks[edit]

  1. Webadmin template review ( for style )


Flag "pass" issues[edit]

The current method of using the flag respawn on drop to pass a team flag was never a defined 'feature' of the game. Many maps have been designed to turn this into a gameplay feature. In order to be able to maintain this type of gameplay a real feature has to be implemented to support it. Current development code has already "broken" teleporter passing by improving the definitions of the teleporter geometry and making no longer a "bad" place to put a flag. Similar enhancements are expected to be made in other parts of the world that would break other types of passing.

To properly support the desired behavior a set of map defined zones or faces needs to be implemented that can detect when specific flags are dropped on them and define a respawn target zone or area. This will allow maps to fully define pass zones in an arbitrary way for any flag. Defining the a real feature will prevent new code from changing the defined behavior in adverse ways.