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* [[BZFlag 2.4.0]]
* [[BZFlag 2.4.0]]
* [[BZFlag 2.4.2]]
* [[BZFlag 2.4.2]]
* [[BZFlag 3.0]]
* [[BZFlag SVN]]
* [[BZFlag SVN]]

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Version Numbering Systems


BZFlag has undergone several different numbering schemes over the years (decades) that can be roughly categorized as follows: the 1.7 alphabet soup series, the 1.10 through 2.0 series, and the "new" "quad" system currently in place. The information in following regarding BZFlag's version scheme pertains to the system put into place for the v2.3 /2.4 release

Current System

The version system uses a 4 digit system that contains the following values


This numbering scheme is similar to many open source software projects.

In this version numbering scheme, the MAJOR number implies predominant changes to the software system that makes it visually different from the previous version.

The MINOR number represents changes to a version that break it's compatibility with with previous releases.

The RELEASE number is iterated across the various releases of that given MAJOR.MINOR version and represents feature additions and enhancements that maintain compatability with all versions sharing the same MAJOR.MINOR pair.

The BUILD number is incremented each time a package is built and posted. It is updated often and represents only minor changes to the code or packaging system. This is what we change to differentiate different downloads of the same code.

Development Versions and Release Versions

Development of a new version of BZFlag occurs on the odd version of the lowest required version number. Incompatable releases use an odd MINOR version. A special case is held for development of a new MAJOR version, it is done using the MINOR version of 99.

Releases are always done with even numbers in the first triplet. The build number is simply increment for each publishing.


2.3.x.x is development for and are both builds of a 2.4.0 release.

2.4.1.x is development for

2.99.x.x is development for

Release Candidates

Labels and comments that a given release is an RC (Release Candidate) version or that it's a beta or an alpha release are merely intended to describe the stability of a given version but are not part of the version itself. Lower patch numbers on a developer revision (where the MINOR number is an odd-number) tend to imply less stability whereas higher patch numbers tend to imply greater stability. On non-developer releases, the number is generally only incremented and reposed if there was something deficient with the version already posted.

Released versions of BZFlag

There are currently 34 open source versions of BZFlag. Versions earlier then 1.7c-X were closed source.

The versions in chronological order are;