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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
This use case describes the process of viewing the groups the actor is associated with. These are groups the actor is a member of, or those they are the group manager of, and those which they have created. The actor can also retrieve a member list from those groups.
This use case describes the process of viewing the groups a player is in, and retrieving a member list from those groups.
[[Image:UseCase_View_Groups-sml.png|Use case diagram of viewing groups]]
[[Image:UseCase_View_Groups-sml.png|Use case diagram of viewing groups]]
== Pre-conditions ==
== Post conditions ==
The list of groups the actor is in has been displayed to the actor.
== Requirements and rules realized ==
'''RQ5 Private groups are hidden from players''' <br />
The system shall prevent players from viewing the group name and members of private groups they are not a member of. <br />
* ''BR2 Members of private groups'' <br />
A member of a private group can see who the other members of that group are. <br />
* ''BR3 Public groups visible to all players'' <br />
The group name and members of public groups can be viewed by all players <br />
'''RQ6 Founders able to view all groups and members''' <br />
The founder, and any co-founders, of a group namespace shall be able to view all groups and group members associated to that namespace. <br />
'''RQ7 Group managers can view the list of members''' <br />
The system shall enable group managers to view the list of members in any group they manage.
'''RQ32 Display groups and roles''' <br />
The system shall display the groups a player is in, the roles which have been assigned to them, and the groups the actor has created. <br />
* ''BR39 Separate roles from membership'' <br />
The system shall display the roles a player has separately from the groups they are a member of. <br />
* ''BR12 Sort results in ascending alphabetical order'' <br />
The system shall sort the result set into ascending alphabetical order using namespace, then group name. <br />
== Flow of events ==
The flow of events describes the main actor actions and system responses in the execution of the use case.
[[Image:Activity_View_Groups-sml.png|Activity diagram of viewing groups]]
== Messages ==
Step:= EX-1
Condition:= Player not in any groups
Message Number:= Msg 3
Message Text:= No groups found: you are not a member of any groups.
[[Category:Group Manager]]

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