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Example of a map with waterLevel set

A waterLevel object is a BZW map structure that defines a plane of water that spans the entire map. This water plane is deadly to all tanks that cross it.


The code for a waterLevel object is as follows

 name example_waterlevel
 height -1.0

Valid parameters for a waterLevel object are:

name the name of the water level, generally unused.
height the value in world units of the water. Values less then 0 turn the water off. No water is the default.
materials the water object will take any valid Materials parameter and use them to override it's default look.

The waterLevel object can only be specified once in a map.


The default texture used for water is a lighter version of the pyramid texture. The water created with the water level will cover the entire world boundary.


The options object was added in v2.0.0.

Editor Support

The waterLevel object is only fully supported by the BZWTools blender plug-in.